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In Honor of Augustus

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Welcome to Romeo's Roman Coins

This site is dedicated to the greatest of Roman Emperors, Octavian Augustus.

Within you will find a detailed reference catalogue of the beautiful and intriguing Augustus coins of Phrygia , a library of ancient manuscripts relating to Augustus designed for study aid and lots of other Roman related information.

Introducing our new sister site, Octavian Coins, stocked full of fantastic coins at bargain prices! We now sell a great variety of ancient coins, from Augustus to Trajan, from Allectus to Constantine. Make sure that you check out our group lots too!

Collecting Roman coins is fun and educational but best of all its affordable! Imagine holding in your hand a roman coin 2000 years old! Who knows who's hands it has passed through- a Roman soldiers, a gladiators or even Augustus himself! You could hold a piece of history in your hands!

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Museums to visit in London

If you are interested in rare and unique coins from all over the world, in London you can admire numerous galleries and exhibitions that display copper allow, gold and silver coins spanning no less than several centuries. Request the escort services offered by a gorgeous lady from London Escort Guide and explore together the wonderful museums within London!

Admire the finest numismatic collections

The British Museum, The Royal Mint Museum and Museum of London display some of the finest numismatic collections in the world. The Department of Coins and Medals within The British Museum contains about one million objects and exhibits the history of coinage from the 7th century BC to the present day. If you will visit this gallery accompanied by a tempting lady from London Escort Guide, you will have a fascinating experience by her side.

Head to The Royal Mint Museum at the Tower and admire the collection known as “Coins and Kings”. This permanent exhibition explores the history of mint just like The British Museum, but it is focused on how coins changed history. Stories of some of the most important monarchs who reigned over the mint are told at The Royal Mint Museum and you will discover how coins reflected the politics and power struggles that took place at certain crucial moments in history.

You will find intriguing stories and tales about the English King Eduard III, Joan Molakyn – the jewel thief and even Isaac Newton, who succeeded to catch a resourceful counterfeiter. You and your charming incall escort girl from London will be astonished once you will find the complete stories of these people and their connection with coins. You can also purchase some of the pieces in the mint shop if you want to complete your coin collection with rare and unique pieces.

Explore coinage by the side of a beauty from London Escorts

Explore The Museum of London if you want to take a look on a collection of over 5,000 roman coins. Very fine examples of gold, coin and copper alloy coinage are exposed in this exhibition focused on the Roman age. Even from the height of the Republic and down of the Byzantine age, the coins reflect the ups and downs of the Romans. Roman coinage poured into Britannia with the army and imperial staff and coins slowly passed into everyday affairs. You will find out how a system based on the silver siliqua, golden

solidus and copper alloy fractions was introduced.

If you already have a few coins and consider collecting more, you can start transforming your dream into reality in London. Explore the coins collection from these museums, take a look at the pieces they sell in their shops and purchase the items you might like to collect. Take a look on how coins are minted, discover interesting things about mint quantities, numbers and figures and get an introduction to collecting before actually involving in this challenge. Learn the basics of coin collecting, admire the vast collections in the museums and enjoy your time spent in the company of the ravishing lady from London Escort Guide!


ROMAN COINS OF THE LONDON MINT: 296-325 AD - History of Roman Coinage in Britain: 43-410 AD and the coinage of Secessionist Britain issued by the Usurper Augusti, Carausius & Allectus

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